Ping Pong Table Active

This tennis table is made for those who wish to combine the best characteristics of the game with an incomparable reliability. ACTIVE fully confirms its prestigious name, with technical structural features at the highest level in this sector, starting with a self-blocking frame of extraordinary strength, made in varnished tubular of 30×30 mm and 40×40 mm.

The game surface is of 19mm thickness (green, or on request, in the blu colour ).  It is supported by a steel frame of 35×15 mm.

The table is easy to move thanks to 4 wheels of 80mm, two of which have a braking system. It also boasts a surprising compactness and manoeuvrability: once closed, the table, thanks to COMPRESS technology takes up only 65×189 cm.

The table has, in fact, security features which with a simple automatic click, allow the table to securely close in a compact way; this system remains active even in the game position, and prevents overturning when the table is closed or semi-open; also the net and net supports can remain positioned in playback position, or when the table is closed, contributing to an increase in stability of the table and simplifying the closing and opening operations.

What’s more, this is the only table, foldable with wheels, existent in the market, that can travel already assembled, ready to play!

Conforms to European Regulations for Security EN 14468-1 and EN 14468-2.


Verde, Green

  • Weight: kg 97
  • Packaging dimensions: cm 167 x 163 x 66
  • For internal use
  • In compliance with European legislation on international rules for safety EN 14468-1
  • 19 mm wood agglomerate top. Frame 35×15 mm metallic rectangular
  • Square-profile 30 x 30 mm undercarriage, powder coated.
  • Locking hook system.
  • 4 wheels Ø 100 mm with rubber thread, 4x 360 degrees rotation
  • Includes 2 rackets and 1 set of balls
  • The table is supplied ready to play. No assembly required